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Are You Making The Most of Your Product Photography?

The foodservice business is increasing its reliance on e-commerce with some distributors reporting over 50% of operators placing orders online. As a result, manufacturers are making significant investments in product photography to meet the demands of the online marketplace. These needs are met by taking the standard GS1 photographs and publishing to the GDSN. However, many manufacturers overlook the opportunities to leverage these images within their organization and maximize their photo investment. Here is how to get the extra mileage out of your image library...

Distributors Image Requirements Are Changing – How To Be Ready

Do you have GS1 compliant images for your distributor partners?Quality food images are becoming a critical component for food manufacturers as distributors push their customers toward online ordering. Many distributors are increasing their requirements to include the full complement of GS1 required images (outer case, open case, package, raw) and even starting to require styled images of some products. Manufacturers who do not comply are penalized with fines – or even worse – poor rankings on their ordering sites and DSR laptop...