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IBI Data Receives Top Tier Score from AIB

IBI Data achieved an excellent score of 945 out of a potential 1,000 points, among the highest possible, from AIB International. AIB certifications are recognized by food manufacturers and distributors as a measure of world-class food safety programs. IBI Data first achieved the Superior rating in 2011 and has continued to receive outstanding scores for food safety each year since then.

100% Renewable Electricity Powers IBI Data in 2020

With the close of 2020, IBI Data celebrated its first full year of being 100% powered by renewable energy. In late 2019, IBI Data installed a 40 KW pollinator-friendly solar array and completed a major lighting retrofit. Combined, these upgrades reduced its energy demand from the grid by 63%. The 40 KW solar array is the maximum output that can take full advantage of net metering benefits. To cap its renewable energy commitment, and in conjunction with Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services, IBI Data has purchased Renewable Energy Credits from the local 1.5 MW Solar Array for everything not generated on-site.

Harnessing the Sun: IBI Data installs solar array to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly

IBI Data is making a major clean energy investment that will reduce their energy costs by as much as 63% in future years. IBI Data is installing a 40 KW pollinator-friendly solar array and has completed a major lighting retrofit; replacing fluorescent and metal halide bulbs with new LED fixtures. The 40 KW solar array is the largest that can take full advantage of net metering with their local utility provider...

Slot Management – Part II (Slot Guardian™ Introduction)

Slot Guardian™ enables manufacturers to better manage distributor slotting performance. In this post, we provide details about our new exciting resource, complete with a special introductory offer...

Slot Management – Part I (New and Existing Products)

Warehouse axiom: “Not all slots are created equal.” As a result, manufacturers are continually challenged to manage thousands of slots throughout their distributor partners’ houses – existing products, balanced with introducing new products into distribution. Regardless of a product’s life cycle, it is key to achieve critical mass to sustain slots. New product introductions represent a major undertaking when it comes to slot management. One major factor is most new product launches are...

Are You Making The Most of Your Product Photography?

The foodservice business is increasing its reliance on e-commerce with some distributors reporting over 50% of operators placing orders online. As a result, manufacturers are making significant investments in product photography to meet the demands of the online marketplace. These needs are met by taking the standard GS1 photographs and publishing to the GDSN. However, many manufacturers overlook the opportunities to leverage these images within their organization and maximize their photo investment. Here is how to get the extra mileage out of your image library...

Distributors Image Requirements Are Changing – How To Be Ready

Do you have GS1 compliant images for your distributor partners?Quality food images are becoming a critical component for food manufacturers as distributors push their customers toward online ordering. Many distributors are increasing their requirements to include the full complement of GS1 required images (outer case, open case, package, raw) and even starting to require styled images of some products. Manufacturers who do not comply are penalized with fines – or even worse – poor rankings on their ordering sites and DSR laptop...