Services That Drive Sales

The world of marketing and sales has been moving from data blind to data-driven.
We are passionate about our uniquely strategic services and using data to create
powerful programs that are highly efficient, effective and measurable.

Database Management

  • Integrated and precise processes allow for streamlined data collection.
  • Identify who is buying and who is not buying your products.
  • Convert data into actionable information.
  • Products include Operator Insight and Operator Tactical Database.

Big Data

  • Big Data has Big Rewards.
  • Visualize and translate your data into actionable insights.
  • Big Data analysis is at the core of category management so we developed the Slot Guardian which allows you to be proactive and not reactive.
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Rebate / Incentive
Fulfillment Programs

  • Accurate and fast processing builds customer relationships
  • Automated “data checks” validate claims and detect fraud
  • Systems identify customers already on special contract pricing to prevent double dipping
  • Emails to your sales staff to be alerted to any potential issues
  • Track what marketing initiatives are driving rebate activity
  • Online Rebate Submissions and tracking (see video below)

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Sample Programs

  • Equipped to handle dry, frozen and refrigerated
  • AIB Superior Food Safety Rating
  • Qualify and prioritize so that most promising and valuable prospects get the most attention.
  • Deliver in a cost efficient way

Lead Fulfillment Programs

  • Effective lead programs turn prospects into customers.
  • Provide additional measurement for programs
  • Build database upon qualification to protect data integrity.
  • Enables the right level of spending to be directed at the anticipated ROI.
  • E-fulfillment using CloudDelivery

GS1 Support

  • Why complete GS1 content is important - Video Link
  • Implement "best practices" around your images, marketing data and product descriptions
  • Provide a scorecard of the data you are publishing to the GDSN
  • Product Photography and Hosting with our GS1 and Marketing Image Library
  • Develop marketing information that is GS1 compliant and effective
  • Provide marketing and sales the information they need all the way up to the point-of-sale

Data Driven Communications

  • Personalized printed or electronic materials based on customer knowledge and purchasing history
  • Print on Demand, Versioning and Variable Printing
  • Personalized emails, campaign-centric landing page and interactive web sites
  • Extensive analytics to measure effectiveness

Multi-Manufacturer Programs

Direct Marketing

  • Cost-effective programs that drive results and provide data necessary for analysis
  • Wave mailings, personalized incentives, direct mail, telesales and e-marketing
  • Define your audience with targeted lists

Operator Loyalty

  • Simple or complex programs custom designed to meet your needs
  • Points earned for operators and/or sales based on case purchases and activities
  • Points redeemable online for a variety of merchandise
  • Merchandise cost only incurred at time of redemption

Sales Support

  • Websites for accessing physical or digital POS and support tools
  • Online portals for one-stop access to POS, samples, training modules, tradeshow materials, and more
  • Full CRM or integration with existing CRMs for full access to operator information, lead or incentive activity and follow-up reporting

Teleservices Programs

  • Build successful telemarketing programs through our established systems
  • Targeted outbound calls can provide market research knowledge and even ask for the order
  • Inbound calls create a window of opportunity for research, soft sell, generate/qualify leads and traditional customer service


  • We provide highly customizable online shopping cart systems with multiple rates, payment types, user groups, promotions, etc.
  • Back of the house fulfillment of Amazon orders and other 3rd party ordering systems. They receive the orders and we get the product to your customers quickly and in pristine condition
  • Shelf-stable, refrigerated, frozen, specialty, non-food, you name it. With our AIB food safe certification we can meet your unique needs
  • Outsource all the headaches to us and focus on what you do best

Crowdfunding Fullfillment

  • We've been doing data driven highly customized fullfillment for over 35 years.
  • Get the right items, to the right people, quickly, accurately, and affordably.
  • Take advantage of our discounted shipment rates and our ability to get things done on a budget.
  • Outsource all the headaches to us and focus on what you do best.

The Right Tools, Right Now

We are the industry leaders in Operator Database expertise. We don’t just create and execute programs, we measure them. We’ve spent over a million dollars to update and automate our systems, to ensure we stay at the top of our game, so you can stay on the top of yours.

The detail our reporting provides is not only unparalleled, but also live and on-line. With instant access from anywhere in the world, these are the tools you need, when you need them.

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We Get It Done

  • Completed a complex, in-depth customer profile substantially ahead of the scheduled completion date—taking more than one month off the development time of a new campaign.
  • Achieved initial ROI of almost 100% from a promotion seeking to up-sell existing customers to a more profitable product line.
  • Attained a 42% close rate on a joint sampling, inside-sales and rebate offer.
  • Took over and successfully turned around a struggling DSR sales-reward program - doubling DSR participation within our first year.
  • Cross-sold a new product to 48% of targets in a multi-tiered telemarketing campaign aimed at existing customers.