Are You Making The Most of Your Product Photography?

The foodservice business is increasing its reliance on e-commerce with some distributors reporting over 50% of operators placing orders online. As a result, manufacturers are making significant investments in product photography to meet the demands of the online marketplace. These needs are met by taking the standard GS1 photographs and publishing to the GDSN. However, many manufacturers overlook the opportunities to leverage these images within their organization and maximize their photo investment. Here is how to get the extra mileage out of your image library.

  • Sales Presentations – Customers want to understand what they are purchasing, and a picture says a thousand words. Your images should be readily accessible to your sales (and marketing) teams, easy to search, and able to be quickly dropped into preapproved templates.
  • Advertising & Promotion – E-Marketing and online advertising calls requires a high volume of images in varying sizes and formats. You should be able to be size and format (jpg, tiff, png, eps, pdf) your images at the touch of a button.
  • Internal Image Audit – Getting your images is the first big task, but keeping them up to date is often a bigger struggle. Your image management system should have built in tools to make brand review of images quick and painless.
  • Single Source Platform – Updating your images can be simple when all applications are driven by your image library. It should have an open API that feeds external applications such as web pages and sell sheet applications. Update an image in your system and it should automatically update all your other uses.

I have that picture here somewhere. Tired of hours searching for images and sending them out to be sized and formatted? Are you fully utilizing your photo investment? If not the Ryan Group/IBI Data Image Management System may be just what you need.

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