Big Data Means Big Rewards.Big Data Means Big Rewards.

Big Data, the buzz at the President’s Conference hosted by IFMA and IFDA was about category management. There are many challenges on the road ahead before Category Management is fully embraced by our industry. One common challenge that came to light, which has our team at The Ryan Group/IBI Data excited, is the importance of translating research and data into actionable insights. Data, analytics and actionable insights are our specialty!

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We Don't Rely, We Verify.We Don't Rely, We Verify.

The world of marketing and sales is moving from data-blind to data-driven. We are passionate about our uniquely strategic services and using data to create powerful programs that are highly efficient, effective and measurable.

Operator Insight™ and Tactical Databases™Operator Insight™ and Tactical Databases™

These innovative and beneficial tools help clients match the right tactics to the right operators. We track each and every activity to reveal how operators reacted, if and how they participated, and why.

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IBI Business Manager™IBI Business Manager™

Our live and on-line analytical tool that houses top-line customer information that senior level sales and marketing associates need to manage their business.

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"Thanks for the great job you do on the variety of projects you handle for us. " -Del Monte
"You have saved us a lot of money by weeding out illegitimate rebate submissions!!! Thank you for your efforts. " -Foodservice Marketing Manager, Communications & Promotions